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of body data

Go beyond size recommendations. Bold Metrics uses A.I. to help brands harness the power of customer data to reduce returns, improve sustainability and optimize operations from the ground up.

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Introducing Contactless Fit™

Leverage eight years of finely tuned Machine Learning algorithms to help your customers find the right size without a fitting room. Easily enable touch free in-store shopping or supercharge your contactless pickup experience.


  • 20%+increase in conversion rates
  • 7xreturn on investment
  • 32%average reduction in fit-related returns
  • Reduce Returns

    Reduce return rates by 20% or more in the first year by connecting customers to better-fitting clothing without the guesswork (or measuring tape!).

  • Increase Conversions

    Boost customer purchasing confidence both in-store and online and increase conversion rates by 30% or more in the first year.

  • Data-driven Insights

    Leverage your brand’s customer body data into actionable insights to empower optimization from design to distribution.

  • Improve Sustainability

    Harness the power of data-backed insights to streamline your brand’s manufacturing process, actively reduce waste and returns, and help your designers design better clothes.

  • Customers First

    Create a personalized retail journey by providing style-by-style fit options for individual customers based on their body measurements and their preferred fit.

  • Scalable Solutions

    From custom clothiers to enterprise-level operations, our simple but powerful API solutions can be tailored to fit the needs of your brand.

Reduce Returns, Increase Conversions And Improve Sustainability With Bold Metrics

Bold Metrics leverages machine learning technology and A.I to help brands design better-fitting clothing based on actual consumer body measurements, turning some of the world’s most trusted brands into some of the world’s most sustainable apparel companies.

What our clients are saying

  • Fit is extremely important to our customers, so when we launched our new rental website we wanted to provide our customers with a best-in-class, easy suit and tuxedo fitting experience.

    Kelly Helthall,
    VP Digital & Analytics of Men's Wearhouse
  • [Bold Metrics] has completely changed our business and allowed us to become a national brand overnight. They solved a major challenge.

    Bert Emanuel,
    Founder & CEO of Lango Shels
  • If you have to go into the store and get a scan or get fitted, it can take a lot of energy, so inputting what you know about your size and creating a 3D body model is the easiest experience for a consumer.

    Ryan Leahy,
    Co-founder & CEO of Snapsuits
  • With the help of [Bold Metrics], we have virtually eliminated fit as a reason that users may not convert.

    Cali Brutz,
    Co-founder & CEO of Borrowing Magnolia
  • We met Bold Metrics 2.5 years ago at SXSW and since then it’s been a fantastic voyage. They are the most reliable and responsive technical vendor we’ve worked without date. The body metric prediction software is extremely accurate and brings so much value to our clients.

    Leon Wu,
    Founder of Sharpe
  • I just want to say that I’m so incredibly impressed with Bold Metrics. We’ve done more suit testing with custom measurements using [Bold Metrics], and they fit fantastically. We tested 3 body types (2 of them being in the 300lbs range) and both have said it’s the best fitting suit they’ve had.

    Keren Kang,
    Co-founder & CEO of Alfred Churchill
  • Leveraging the Bold Metrics machine learning technology, we turned data into action and algorithms into accurate recommendations, so our customers get a great fit.

    Kelly Helthall
    VP Digital & Analytics of Men's Wearhouse
  • I looked at every self measuring tool on the market before settling on Bold Metrics. Sometimes simpler is better and from a user experience perspective it can’t be beaten. Not only is it more accurate than smartphone apps; we were able to customize it to our unique product line and serve customers around the world.

    Andrew Parkes
    Founder, EPH Apparel

Personalize the retail experience for every customer.

Understand how your customers like their clothes to fit and how to provide them with a seamless shopping experience when it comes to finding better-fitting clothing. No measuring tape required.

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