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The gold standard for predicting body measurements and connecting them with garment specifications. Move from having lots of data to being data driven and drive innovation upstream.

Express Men’s Wearhouse GStar RAW Kit & Ace Knot Standard

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The most innovative apparel brands
are racing to gather our body measurements

Not just for tailors any more, customer body data is quickly becoming digital gold for apparel brands

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Supercharge your customer experience, online or in-store with virtual try-ons

Launch your VR, AR or 3D dressing room on your Product Display Page.

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Apparel Insights
Turn data into action

Generate customer-driven body measurement predictions and learn how to improve garment specifications, better manage inventory and much more.

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What our customers are saying

“Fit is extremely important to our customers, so when we launched our new rental website we wanted to provide our customers with a best-in-class, easy suit and tuxedo fitting experience. Leveraging the Bold Metrics machine learning technology, we turned data into action and algorithms into accurate recommendations, so our customers get a great fit. ”

—Kelly Helthall, VP Digital & Analytics

“Fashion Metric has completely changed our business and allowed us to become a national brand overnight. They solved a major challenge. ”

—Bert Emanuel, Founder & CEO

“If you have to go into the store and get a scan or get fitted, it can take a lot of energy, so inputting what you know about your size and creating a 3D body model is the easiest experience for a consumer. ”

—Ryan Leahy, Co-founder & CEO

“With the help of Fashion Metric, we have virtually eliminated fit as a reason that users may not convert. ”

—Cali Brutz, Co-founder & CEO

“I just want to say that I’m so incredibly impressed with Bold Metrics. We’ve done more suit testing with custom measurements using Fashion Metric, and they fit fantastically. We tested 3 body types (2 of them being in the 300lbs range) and both have said it’s the best fitting suit they’ve had. ”

—Keren Kang, Co-founder & CEO

Learn how Bold Metrics’ technology leverages machine learning to accurately predict body measurements

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About Bold Metrics
Simple integration. Powerful results.

Bold Metrics is a SaaS solution for companies to gather intelligence about their customers and personalize products and services to their clients body shape and size. By deploying a comprehensive set of machine learning and data science technologies for accurately predicting body measurements, we enable some of the world's largest retailers, brands and innovation enthusiasts to unlock human body data to meet the demands of today's increasingly personalized world.

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