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Bold Metrics is a SaaS solution for retailers and brands to gather intelligence about their customers and personalize the online apparel shopping experience. By deploying a comprehensive set of machine learning and data science technologies for accurately predicting body measurements, we enable retailers, brands and innovation enthusiasts to unlock human body day to meet the demands of today's increasingly personalized world.

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Our Story

Bold Metrics is a machine learning and data science company focused on the problems confronting retailers and their customers around products that relate to the human body. We create an impact in return rates, conversion rates, and inventory optimization both online and in-store.

Inspired by her family craft in Master Tailoring, our Founder realized that the old world tailoring methods could be revolutionized to work with online shopping. So, in 2012 the team started building machine learning and mathematical algorithms to make it possible for shoppers to get fitted for custom clothing without a measuring tape.

We A/B tested dozens of different question sets to learn what shoppers reliably know about themselves and their body dimensions. Then the team acquired and analyzed large datasets across the globe in order to accurately predict a human body measurements much like a Master Tailor would do in-person with a tape measure. We found that shoppers don’t know very much about their own measurements, so we spent the next months refining our question sets to maximize the simplicity of the inputs and the accuracy of the predictions.

In 2013, Fashion Metric, the Bold Metrics apparel technology, launched as a standalone eCommerce store to predict our shopper’s body measurements and fit them into both off-the-rack sizes and custom clothing. No measuring tape, no long questionnaire, just simple questions powered by a lot of data and math behind the scenes.

In 2015 we have made our core technology and solutions available to unlock human body data to empower businesses with more detail about their customers than ever before.

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