Create actionable insights from your customer-driven data

With Bold Metrics' technology implemented online or in-store, our Apparel Insights platform allows retailers and brands to generate deep, actionable customer insights. This data can be leveraged to impact the upstream processes, from data-driven garment specifications, to inventory optimization and more.

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Apparel Insights
Turning your data into actionable insights

Bold Metrics offers detailed reporting and data insights to provide retailers and brands with more information about their customers than ever before. Leveraging years of machine learning and mathematical algorithm development, Bold Metrics can build on customer-driven data, enrich it with body data and product specifications to provide powerful insights that can make an impact from the customer experience upstream to the garment specifications and drive critical optimizations at the supply chain level.

Basic insights - powerful results

Basic insights provides Bold Metrics customers with an easy way to track our performance, while collecting more customer data than ever before:

  • Interaction rate summary
  • Suggestion performance
  • Order timeline analysis
  • Customer input summary
  • Basic return rate analysis

Layer in garment-level insights and advanced data segmentation

Intermediate insights includes all the features of basic reporting and adds:

  • Data segmentation insights, which takes the basic reporting options but provides garment type and gender delineations.
  • Top 3 garment insights, providing deep understanding of how garment patterns match to customer measurements, providing granular fit analytics.

Take your analytics to a whole new level and create actionable insights to impact upstream garment specifications

Advanced insights provides you all the features of intermediate and adds:

  • Top 25 garment insights to provide deep understanding of how garment patterns match to customer measurements, providing granular fit analytics.
  • Return insights that indicate return rates with and without BMI, segmented by garment category
  • Return insights also include analytics on return reason codes (this feature requires return reason from a customer survey)
  • Body data insights providing analytics of customer’s predicted body measurements

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