Introducing the Virtual Dressing Room


Make it easy for customers to see how clothes fit before they buy with the 3D-Design plugin. Reduce returns and boost conversions while creating a highly personalized shopping experience.

Try Before You Buy

Allow shoppers to visualize how clothes will look and fit in different styles and colors before they buy. BodyVue’s comfortmap also shows an innovative heatmap with illustrated fit details.

Why use BodyVue?

Reduce fit-related returns by making it easy for customers to see exactly how clothes fit before they buy with our virtual dressing room.

  • Made for You

    Improve the customer experience online in just 4-6 simple questions. Create realistic avatars based on over 50+ individual customer body measurements with best-in-class accuracy.

  • Find Your Style

    Integrate garment data with customer body measurement data to see how clothes fit and drape uniquely on every customer.

  • Consumer Confidence

    Together with generating accurate size recommendations, your online customers can finally try before they buy.

  • Data-backed Insights

    Make a side-by-side comparison of different sizes. The BodyVue comfort map displays an overlaid heat map to distinguish pressure-points and display overall fit according to personal fit preferences.


Introducing the Virtual Dressing Room- an easy way for customers to see how clothes fit before they buy.

  • Virtual try-on technology that will allow your customers to try before they buy with 3D visualization capabilities.
  • Help shoppers visually understand how different styles will look on their body.
  • Increase consumer confidence by enabling shoppers to know what size to buy, how it will fit, and what it will look like before they buy.
  • The BodyVue comfort map provides illustrated fit details with an innovative heat map overlay to show where garments are tight and loose on the body.
bodyvue heatmap levis

A Best-in-Class Solution

Independent studies have proven that Bold Metrics is the leader in machine learning-based customer body measurement predictions. Compared with companies offering similar products, Bold Metrics has consistently produced the most accurate and comprehensive results with minimal customer friction. No selfies, measuring tape or scanners required.

Our proprietary solutions go beyond size recommendations. From reducing returns to designing better clothing and enabling mass customization at scale—find out how Bold Metrics helps brands translate customer body data into valuable actionable insights.

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