Come make the apparel industry better for people and the planet!

Our Mission

To provide apparel brands and retailers with the most accurate AI Body Modeling technology to unlock the power of body data—reducing returns, boosting conversion, quantifiably improving sustainability efforts, and enabling data-led design while making shopping for clothing easy, convenient and personal for customers.

Our Vision

Our solutions are currently implemented across the majority of digital apparel experiences and an ever-growing database of consumer body data profiles. We work with clients of all sizes. From custom clothiers to enterprise-level retailers and manufacturers to improve retail intelligence, optimize supply chains, improve inventory management, and enhance targeted discovery for smart advertising.

As the body data company, we go beyond sizing to unlock access to body data across new verticals including sporting products, digital fashion, life insurance, healthcare, fitness and more…

And we keep innovating. We unveiled the world’s first Body Data NFT™ technology this year, laying the groundwork to help retail companies prepare for social and metaverse experiences leveraging the blockchain as a way to authenticate avatars for Web3 and beyond.

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Benefits of Working at Bold Metrics

  • Competitive Salary

  • Comprehensive Benefits, Paid Premium (Medical, Dental, and Vision)

  • Flexible Paid Time Off & Paid Holidays

  • Equity Opportunities

  • Ongoing Paid Training & Growth Opportunities

  • Remote Office Set-Up Stipend

Our Values

  • We are passionate

    What keeps us going through it all and motivates us to give our best is the knowledge that what we do matters. To ourselves, our clients, and the future of the planet.

  • We cultivate positivity

    By adopting an attitude of 'we can do it!' while embodying kindness and optimism in our words and actions.

  • We default to transparency

    We don't know everything, and we don't pretend to.

  • We work as a team

    We work together with kindness, fostering an environment where taking on new challenges and a willingness to learn new things is encouraged.

  • We deliver with excellence

    We do our best, and then we figure out how to do it better.

  • We are humble

    Gratitude tempered with humility is our creed.

Our company culture

Being remote-first has its challenges but we hire people who give their best and we give them the flexibility to do just that. We focus on being goal-oriented rather than time-oriented, empowering through individual responsibility and the desire to do a task and do it well. We believe in creating a work culture that enables our employees to be able to thrive and strive, and encouraging an environment where hard work is tempered with fun and good synergy between the different groups, along with the occasional joke thrown in for good measure.

This is what makes us excited about the future!

  • Our Mission

    Fixing Fit In the Apparel Industry

  • Our Goals

    Reduce Returns, Boost Conversion, Improve Sustainability, Enable Data-Led Design

  • Our Vision

    Unlock the Power of Body Data

Our locations

We’re headquartered in San Francisco but our team mates work all over the United States and internationally.

What Our Employees Have To Say

  • Jeff Mergy

    Chief Product Officer

    "We hire passionate people... people that know there is a big problem to solve and a big opportunity to make an impact... Our team is excited to get up and work at doing that everyday!"

  • Janie Cai

    Sr. Content Marketing Manager

    "The biggest draw of working here is the great team culture and how everyone strives to create better work together. To do that successfully in a remote situation is rare but Bold Metrics has nailed it."

  • Dave Holmes

    Software Engineer

    "Our daily dev jams, where the engineering team gets to hang out and exchange ideas, might be the highlight of my work day. It is amazing that we have recreated an office environment while being completely remote."