Contactless Fit™ - great fit, without the fitting room

Contactless Fit™

Leverage eight years of finely tuned Machine Learning algorithms to help your customers find the right size without a fitting room. Easily enable touch free in-store shopping or supercharge your contactless pickup experience.

How It Works

Contactless Fit™ is a first-to-market solution by Bold Metrics that easily integrates into your in-store experience to help shoppers find the right size without physical try-ons. In-store, a simple size recommendation isn't enough, that's why Contactless Fit™ goes a step further to replicate the fitting room experience, customers can try on one size, then another, compare, and pick what fits them best.

With Contactless Fit™ no measuring tapes or photos are required. Instead you'll get machine learning algorithms trusted by some of the world's biggest brands at your fingertips to make sure your customers get the right size every time.

Shoppers can use their mobile phones to find clothing that best fits them without the need to enter a fitting room

The safe way to buy clothes in-store

Contactless Fit™ works with your existing in-store technology from iPads to existing point-of-sale solutions, we work with what you have. Don't have a good way to deploy technology in-store? We've pioneered a stand-alone point-of-sale solution that you can deploy to 10, 100, or 1,000 stores quickly and easily to make sure you're ready to provide your customers with a best-in-class fit experience as soon as your stores reopen.

We know the important role that in-store staff plays in the shopping experience and have ready-to-go playbooks to help your team easily integrate Contactless Fit™ into their existing sales strategy.

Contactless Fit Display

Why use Contactless Fit™?

Give your customers a best-in-class fit experience in-store, without the fitting room

  • Compare Sizes Instantly

    Give your customers an easy way to compare sizes and pick what fits them best based on their unique fit preference. Your dressing room just went digital.

  • No Photos Required

    Camera-based technologies require customers to change into tight-fitted clothing. While this might work at home, it's not realistic for in-store shoppers. Contactless Fit™ gives tailor-level accuracy without photos.

  • Works with what you already have in-store

    iPads, touchscreen displays, robots - it's all compatible with Contactless Fit™ which means you can get started right-away without buying new hardware.

  • Give your in-store staff the tools they need

    We don't see stores, or salespeople going anywhere, they're still a critical part of the apparel experience. Give your in-store staff the tools they need to compliment their expertise and allow them to provide a great experience around fit and sizing.

"49% of millennials said they would not feel safe trying on clothes in dressing rooms after the pandemic. But the percentage was much higher for baby boomers, at 71%"