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Size charts don’t cut it. Leverage the Bold Metrics body data engine and help shoppers find the right size the first time.

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The average return rate for apparel online is


The average conversion rate for apparel online is


Fashion Metric to the rescue

Empower your shoppers with confidence in their purchase decisions by translating what they know about themselves to their true body measurements and ultimately their best size.

Your developers are busy, so implementation needs to be easy. Simply copy and paste our code snippet to get started. If you want to customize the experience, leverage our best-in-class APIs.

Like a fine wine, your recommendations get better over time. The technology is always learning which means the longer you use Fashion Metric, the better it gets and the more it personalizes to your shoppers.

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Optimized for your customer journey

Your size chart is broken. We can fix it.

The problem with size charts is that they rarely help a shopper actually select the best size. They usually include a description of body measurements like ‘hips’ that often require a measuring tape to get right—a task that online shoppers are unlikely to do. With the Smart Size Chart, shoppers can leverage information they commonly know about themselves to get size recommendations based on accurate body measurement predictions—delivered in a context that’s very familiar.

Customize your size recommendations with the Virtual Sizer API.

The Virtual Sizer API allows you to implement your customized sizing solution, designed to your specifications. The API returns detailed body measurement predictions in addition to fit and size recommendations.

The API provides a simple programmatic interface to access the Bold Metrics technology and features. We use REST for access to the API, and return all responses in JSON, including errors.

Predict accurate body measurements online, no measuring tape required

Fashion Metric makes it easy to predict accurate, detailed body measurements for shoppers online and in-store. Our Virtual Tailor technology outputs over 50 unique male and female body measurements by utilizing one of the largest data sets of human body measurements in the world in concert with a series of proprietary machine learning algorithms tested and proven by thousands of custom fittings to-date. Our data-centered approach effectively eliminates the human error of self measurements, while giving custom clothiers greater geographical reach.

From bits to bricks.

The flexibility of Fashion Metric allows the technology to be deployed in impactful ways throughout the customer journey. There’s no reason why your in-store experience can’t benefit from the same technology you use on your website. In an in-store app, shoppers can instantly find garments in their size, avoid multiple trips to the dressing room, and discover clothes they might miss on a normal store visit. Take your in-store experience to the next level, while collecting and leveraging actionable omnichannel data.


We offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution so that your return rate is more than just a number; dive deeper to track and understand why products are returned. Our size recommendations continue to improve over time with an intelligent, data-driven feedback loop that will arm our algorithms (and you) with actionable data about your customers.

Specification Insights.

We accurately predict over 50 body measurements each time a shopper receives a size recommendation. Gain deep insights into the body shapes and sizes of your online shoppers and leverage this data across the organization. Use this data to influence the pattern design process and create garments that better fit your customers. Understand how your shoppers body shapes and sizes vary based on geographic location and use this information to make more data-driven inventory management decisions.