Crave Retail


Crave Retail provides apparel and fashion retailers with an effortless way to boost the customer try-on experience with their integrated shopping room experience. From on-demand product requests to omnichannel capabilities and instant, personalized product recommendations, its proprietary technology is built for the iPad and tablet experience to enable simple in-store installation. Crave retail’s Associate Assist technology empowers in-store sales staff to help customers with their try-on journey safely and easily, while its store dashboard provides actionable insights that increase revenue and optimize customer engagement opportunities.

Partnership overview

Crave Retail’s integrated shopping room experience, bolstered by Bold Metrics A.I-powered sizing recommendations, seamlessly matches customers to their selected style in their preferred fit. By providing contextualized fitting options for each garment style, and optimizing the in-store try-on experience, the partnership empowers higher conversion while personalizing the customer retail experience.

Interested in partnering with Bold Metrics?

With a suite of powerful data-backed tools and leveraging over 8 years of experience in machine learning and A.I, Bold Metrics helps brands unlock the power of their customer body data to reduce returns, streamline inventory and create better-fitting clothing. Our aim is to create a more personalized and seamless customer experience, both in-store and online while reducing unnecessary wasteful production and creating measurable results with sustainability efforts.