Loop is the post-purchase platform that enables Shopify's biggest brands, such as Allbirds, FIGS, Princess Polly and Chubbies, to transform returns into exchanges. Loop helps over 1,200 brands increase customer loyalty, retain more revenue, and lower reverse logistics costs. Through innovative features like Instant Exchanges, Shop Now, and Bonus Credit, Loop has helped merchants retain more than $400 million in revenue over the past five years.

Partnership overview

Together, Bold Metrics and Loop create a seamless data stream around returns that help further reduce returns with data-charged insights and accurate sizing recommendations for customers. The dynamic partnership is an instant value-add for Shopify-based apparel brands, creating a scalable and easy way to boost utility around existing data streams while providing contextualized fitting options for each garment style. Brands see a boost in conversions, meaningful fit-related return reduction and an elevated online customer experience to supercharge eCommerce at scale.

Interested in partnering with Bold Metrics?

With a suite of powerful data-backed tools and leveraging over 8 years of experience in machine learning and A.I, Bold Metrics helps brands unlock the power of their customer body data to reduce returns, streamline inventory and create better-fitting clothing. Our aim is to create a more personalized and seamless customer experience, both in-store and online while reducing unnecessary wasteful production and creating measurable results with sustainability efforts.

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