Queen of Raw


Queen of Raw provides a global marketplace with AI-powered supply chain tools to eliminate and monetize textile waste, tracking and analyzing data to keep unused raw materials out of landfills and turn pollution into profit.

Partnership Overview

Imagine a world where you can create bespoke apparel for individual clients using unique and limited-production textiles that would otherwise have been destroyed or sent to the landfill. In partnering with Queen of Raw, Bold Metrics extends the possibilities when it comes to reallocating textile off-cuts - by enabling accurate customer body measurement predictions with just the click of a button.

Custom apparel eCommerce platforms looking to create clothing using Queen of Raw's textile offerings will be able to calculate the exact yardage required for production with just a few customer inputs, with results in seconds. No measuring tape required.

Interested in partnering with Bold Metrics?

With a suite of powerful data-backed tools and leveraging over 8 years of experience in machine learning and A.I, Bold Metrics helps brands unlock the power of their customer body data to reduce returns, streamline inventory and create better-fitting clothing. Our aim is to create a more personalized and seamless customer experience, both in-store and online while reducing unnecessary wasteful production and creating measurable results with sustainability efforts.