Six Atomic


From shirts to wetsuits, Six Atomic’s custom patternmaking technology allows brands and designers to create bespoke apparel patterns instantly, empowering mass customization at scale while shortening product development time to minutes. Six Atomic’s AI-driven supply chain solutions for the apparel industries powered by a suite of proprietary technology products that makes on-demand production a viable alternative to mass production. These include modular design and A.I. grading (Synthesis), automated 3D stitching (Envision), and an on-demand supply chain (Catalyst).


Bold Metrics algorithmic prediction tool for predicting accurate and detailed customer body measurements enables Six Atomic to provide custom or altered patterns that are based on a user’s unique body measurements. This partnership powers on-demand pattern-making at scale, using just 4-6 simple data inputs from customers to generate a personalized pattern that can then be sent for manufacturing in minutes.

Interested in partnering with Bold Metrics?

With a suite of powerful data-backed tools and leveraging over 8 years of experience in machine learning and A.I, Bold Metrics helps brands unlock the power of their customer body data to reduce returns, streamline inventory and create better-fitting clothing. Our aim is to create a more personalized and seamless customer experience, both in-store and online while reducing unnecessary wasteful production and creating measurable results with sustainability efforts.