Help your customer choose the right size based on their personal fit preference.


Leverage our body data engine to go beyond simple size recommendations. Customers who know how clothes are going to fit can pick the right size the first time.

How It Works

The Smart Size Chart allows apparel brands to use our best-in-class Virtual Tailor technology in combination with their existing size charts or tech pack data to provide detailed size recommendations to shoppers. With the Smart Size Chart, shoppers have the opportunity to compare sizes and understand what size fits the way they want, matching their own unique fit preference. Setting up the Smart Size Chart is easy, copy and paste a snippet of code and immediately begin providing your customers with a best-in-class sizing solution.

Enhanced Inventory Management

Bold Metrics updates the AI-powered Smart Size Chart to include advanced inventory algorithms that leverage real-time data to generate actionable insights. This sophisticated Smart Inventory™ tool helps brands address dynamic supply chain issues in today's challenging apparel retail environment.
inventory management

Why use the Smart Size Chart?

Go beyond reducing returns. Turn data into actionable insights to power optimization from design to distribution.

  • Fit Gets Personal

    Take into account critical style specifications and fabric properties, together with personal fit preferences, to help shoppers find their preferred size the first time.

  • No Measuring Tape Required

    Our proprietary machine learning technology has been proven to consistently outperform standard size charts, camera-based technologies, and other question-based fit recommenders.

  • Seamless Experience

    Connect your customers to better-fitting clothes both online and in-store, in their preferred fit, with just a few easy clicks.

  • Easy Integration

    The Smart Size Chart is easy to integrate so you can have it up and running on your site in less than a day.

"Thanks to the Smart Size Chart our conversion rate increased by 50% and our return rate dropped by 21% "

Josh Behr,
Director of E-Commerce, AMEREX Group