Unlock the power of body data

Capture accurate body measurements without the need for selfies, scanners or measuring tape.

Virtual Fitting At Your Fingertips

Bold Metrics AI Body Scanning technology instantly captures the human form in detail. No measuring tape or photos required.

How it Works

  • Incorporate

    Just 4‑6 simple data inputs are required from the customer. At the same time, we process product style and material details from your brand’s apparel collections.

  • Evaluate

    We analyze millions of data points from human body scans and comprehensive studies and then use our proprietary machine learning algorithms to accurately predict customer body measurements and create body models.

  • Predict

    Our technology predicts 50+ body measurements for men and women. Your product details, specs, and design guidelines are integrated with the body measurements, along with the fit and style preferences of the shopper.

  • Recommend

    We deliver the shopper a highly personalized and accurate recommendation for the correct size in your product. Bold Metrics is the first company to also provide options based on personal preference, allowing for truly personalized size recommendations.

  • Continously Learn

    Our trained machine learning models enable algorithms to make predictions without requiring as much input data and get more accurate over time.

  • Generate Actionable Insights

    We use A.I to unlock the power of body data, to reduce returns, optimize operational efficiency, and eliminate wasteful production, powering sustainability at scale.

No more tape measures, selfies or scanners

Bold Metrics makes it easy to predict accurate, detailed body measurements. Utilizing one of the largest cumulative data sets of human body scans in the world, in concert with a series of proprietary machine learning algorithms tested and proven by thousands of fittings to-date, our technology predicts over 50 highly accurate individual body measurements. Our data-centered approach eliminates the human error of self measurements and the hassle of scanning or selfies.

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