A Scaled-up Approach To Fixing Fit


Meet the Virtual Sizer—our flagship solution that powers fit at some of the largest brands in the world.

Why use Virtual Sizer?

Our Machine Learning approach results in highly accurate individual customer body measurement predictions, with results that only get better over time. The perfect solution for enterprise-level brands that need a more in-depth approach to solving sizing.

  • Tailored to Fit

    Size can vary by style. Only the Virtual Sizer can help your shoppers find the right size, in the right style, based on their unique fit preference.

  • Creates a frictionless retail experience

    Seamlessly matches the individual to the style instead of matching brands with brands.

  • Eliminate Guesswork

    Our proprietary Machine Learning technology predicts customer body measurements with 97% accuracy and continuously improves over time.

  • Highly Personalized

    Takes into account individual fit and style preferences to provide personalized size recommendations

  • Easily Integerated SaaS solutions

    Integrate with your existing website or with your in-store platform

Core Features of the Virtual Sizer

  • Garment scores and fit descriptions: How individual shopper body measurements fit across critical points of measure on a per garment basis
  • Fit percentage: Percentage of similar customers that purchased a given garment size
  • Confidence score: Probability scale on prediction accuracy
  • Outlier detection system: a sophisticated error detection system for detecting unrealistic or incorrect body measurement predictions
  • Continuous learning: Machine learning models updated using customer purchase and returns data to increase accuracy over time, and adapt to new styles and customer fit preferences
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A Best-in-Class Solution

Independent studies have proven that Bold Metrics is the leader in machine learning-based customer body measurement predictions. Compared with companies offering similar products, Bold Metrics has consistently produced the most accurate and comprehensive results with minimal customer friction. No selfies, measuring tape or scanners required.

Our proprietary solutions go beyond size recommendations. From reducing returns to designing better clothing and enabling mass customization at scale—find out how Bold Metrics helps brands translate customer body data into valuable actionable insights.

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"Fit is extremely important to our customers, so when we launched our new rental website we wanted to provide our customers with a best-in-class, easy suit and tuxedo fitting experience. "

Kelly Helthall,
VP Digital & Analytics of Men's Wearhouse