Tailor-accurate avatars at your fingertips

Leverage highly accurate body measurement predictions to generate authentic avatars in virtual or augmented reality or add apparel visualization to your eCommerce store.

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Add a visual shopping experience to your site or leverage the power of AR/VR in-store

Creating an avatar the reflects a customers real body measurements can be a complex process. Usually people are not patient enough to spend the time.

Enter the Bold Metrics’ visualization suite and two new ways to make it easy for your customer to “try before they buy.” Use our mobile friendly visualization online to instantly enable virtual apparel try-ons. In-store, leverage our AR/VR commerce experience to charge up your customer experience, allowing your customers to “virtually” try on more garments in a single setting.

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Bring your dressing room online with BodyVue.

Improve the customer experience online and allow your customer to generate a realistic avatar and see clothes drape on their body, just like they would in real life. Coupled with accurate size recommendations, your customer can finally try before they buy—online.

The solution allows for side-by-side comparison of different sizes, as well as a comfort map that displays a heat map overlay to view pressure-points and overall fit.

Be the virtual you.

It takes the average VR user over 45 minutes to create an avatar that resembles themselves, and that’s only for the people patient enough to spend the time learning 3D rendering packages like Unity or Maya.

Enter VR Metric. Leveraging the Bold Metrics body prediction engine your users can generate tailor-accurate avatars by answering less than eight simple questions, no measuring tape required. It’s a brave new world, a world where the virtual you can do incredible things, one of those things shouldn’t have to be learning how to build realistic 3D models. Leave the heavy lifting to VR Metric and make it easier than ever before for your users to literally dive into a virtual world.